What do men love doing on their computer or mobile?

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From time immemorial, men, in general, love gadgets. They have always been fond of them. It gives them a sense of freedom, order, and power. Sometimes, they use their phones to de-stress. Other times, they need it to keep their hands busy as some have the tendency to fidget. Some use gadgets like their laptops or smartphones as an extension of themselves, of who they are, just like they do cars. So it is no surprise why some guys need to have that latest laptop or the trendiest smartphone.

Average time spend

In the US, 80% of the population who owns a phone are men. And in a survey, men spend around 154 minutes on average on their phones, a little less than women. So what do men do on their gadgets? Like women, most guys use their phones for general stuff like sending and reading messages and emails, surfing the Web, playing games, listening to music, watching videos, taking pictures, using social media. What is different about their use of social media from women is that they use it more for business, de-stressing or relaxation, and for dating, whereas women use social media for social purposes.

Guys tend to use their computers or phones for work-related purposes. So when they check their emails, it is most likely because of work. They would also read the news on their gadgets and it is most probably because of business matters as well.

Couch Potatoes

Let’s talk about men and watching videos for a moment. Saying that men love to stream videos would be an understatement. We’ve known men to be catatonic in front of the TV set and become couch potatoes. It has evolved but the concept is the same, the only difference is the gadget used. Instead of plopping in front of a TV, they do so in front of their laptops or smartphones. If women love to binge on their favorite reality shows, men also binge-watch their favorite shows or sports games. It is no surprise then that men become sleep-deprived because of this.


And of course, there are your PC and mobile games. As mentioned earlier, guys cannot stop fidgeting. And one thing that helps them to keep their hands busy is to play games on their computers or phones. Don’t be surprised if they play their favorite RPGs or mobile slots for hours on end.

Interestingly though, men don’t use their phones or PCs to get how-to information. Kinda like their refusal to ask for directions. Tsk! But they are not averse to using GPS on their smartphones, thank goodness!So next time you see a guy on his gadget, you already know what he is up to. That’s the lowdown about men and their toys.