TUTORIAL – How to Get Your Nintendo 3DS 3D Video to YouTube and Display PROPERLY in 3D

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One of the 3DS’ coolest new features added by the recent update is the ability to take 3D video.  Now watching these videos in 3D on the 3DS is pretty neat, but don’t you want to share your ridiculous 3D antics with the world?  I know I do.  What better way to do that than uploading your videos to YouTube?  Yes, YouTube does in fact support 3D video.  Unfortunately, it’s surprisingly difficult and complicated to get your 3DS videos to display properly in 3D once uploaded to YouTube.  It certainly isn’t as simple as uploading the file to YouTube from the SD card.  If you try, it will not work.  Hopefully sometime in the future, it will be much easier to get our 3D cat videos onto YouTube.  Until that time comes, we’ve got this handy-dandy tutorial for you!

This tutorial is based off of nearly two weeks of testing, experimenting, and far too much failing.  However, out of that failure, the answer was finally discovered.  The methods described below seem to be the few acceptable ways to get your Nintendo 3DS 3D video to display properly in 3D on YouTube.

The steps below include some pretty basic points regarding the whole process, so if you feel comfortable with video editing and uploading video to YouTube, you will probably be safe just reading the important bold segments throughout the tutorial or by reading the Quick Guide.  However, if you’re not as comfortable in those areas, don’t worry!  This tutorial takes you through the process step-by-step and is organized in such a way to help make following these directions as easy as possible.

In addition to this written tutorial, we have two video tutorials for you—a Windows video tutorial and a Macintosh video tutorial.  At the beginning of many of the sections of this tutorial, there are [square brackets].  In the [square brackets] are links to the corresponding parts of both the Windows and Macintosh video tutorials.  For example, the “Change Your Video into a YouTube-friendly 3D Format” section will look like this: