Race with the Sim Racing simulator over the most beautiful circuits

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Racing as a real Formula 1 driver is possible now with the driver seats of Simplace. The game becomes reality when you play it in the position of a real driver. Experience how world’s 20 best drivers go around the racing track. With Simplace’s playseat you feel like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel. But the simulator also allows you to rise above these drivers.

Hours of fun

With the Sim Racing Cockpits you have hours of race fun. Get in the chair, grab the steering wheel with both hands and press the pedals! Race on the most beautiful tracks in Australia, Abu Dhabi or Italy. Compete with racers online and one day you’ll become the best in your town, city or even country. Besides being able to play Formula 1, there are also other games available. For example, you can drive on rally roads, through the desert or in dense forests. The choice is yours!

Professionally made

Simplace simulators are made by professionals. Before the product was launched, more than a thousand people sat in the simulator before. This way they came up with the best results that meet your expectations. With the simulator, you are able to set the best lap times. You can compete with Hamilton or Verstappen. Will you win a place among the first three on the podium and will you spray champagne over the crowd celebrating your victory?

The simulator can be set up in different modes. There are more than 60 adjustments you can make to the seat and pedals, so you’ll always be in the perfect position. That’s the secret to a high quality sim racing rig: the freedom to change all these adjustments. This enables you to make the fastest lap times ever. And to improve them again afterwards.

More information about Sim Racing Hardware?

Go to simplace.co and make a choice between all different Sim Racing simulators. They offer high quality products for an excellent price. Customers rate the service as excellent on Trust Pilot and Simplace.co ships worldwide. If you want to buy Sim Racing Hardware, Simplace is the right choice!