Nerd Hair: The most typical hairstyles and how to get them [For Guys]

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Who says nerd hairstyles should always look dorky? Here are cool hairstyles that may be nerdy but are guaranteed to make girls swoon.

The Most Typical One

Channel your inner Kevin Arnold (played by Fred Savage) from in The Wonder Years by keeping the hair long-ish, but clean around the ears and back.

School boy Look

This style has the sides of your hair buzzed, with at least 5 cm of hair, and the top part is kept at least 2 inches long. Add some mousse for a quick tousled look. Keep your face clean and shave off that 5 o’clock shadow.

Uneven Layers style

Channel your inner Man of Steel as you cop Henry Cavill’s look when he is “off-duty.” not too heavy on the hair product but just let your long-ish locks fall naturally around your face.


Who says only girls can get layers? Go for an indie look and grow your hair long and have it styled with layers and bangs that frame the face.

Sexy Nerdy Look

This style lets you grow your hair long to a bob. It is like a girl’s apple cut but more tousled and sexy with a layered cut. Dare to add some highlights. Let your facial hair grow a bit, but keep your moustache and goatee short.

The Chris Pine look

What can we say? Chris Pine cleans up nicely. Copy this look by keeping a clean haircut with a bit of a shadow around your jaw. Keep the hair length to about less than a half inch long.

Prom Look

Think Zac Efron or Justin Timberlake on the red carpet with their slick ‘do as they suit up for an awards show. The bangs are puffed up and slicked back. Use pomade for that glossy shine. As it is going for a very wholesome, clean look, this is perfect for those special occasions.

Sophisticated style

Quite similar to the School boy style but the sides are not buzzed down but cut to about an inch long and the top are about 2-3 inches long. Use some hair wax to hold the ‘do but keeping it touchable as well.

Spiky Style

The cut is very much similar to the school boy look but the top is doused with hair wax to create those sexy spikes.

Overgrown Spikes style

As the name suggests, this is very much like the spikes style where you grow out the top to about 3 inches long but keep the sides to about 5 cm long. No hair products to weigh the hair down but it is left au naturel.

Oddly Nerdy look

This is your overgrown spikes style but slicked back with some pomade for control and shine. The bangs are swept to the side to keep it away from the face.

Overgrown Bangs look

While other styles try to keep the hair off the face, this one has long bangs to cover the forehead in soft waves. The sides are kept short and clean around the ears and back.

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