Nerd Costumes & Outfits: How to dress like a Nerd by channeling your inner nerd

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What do Steve Erkel, Sheldon Cooper, Dwight Shrute, and Screech Powers have in common? You guessed it! They are your favorite nerds on TV. Somehow being a nerd can be irritating and charming at the same time. So if you want to channel your inner nerd, it is very easy to dress like one. Here we discuss the typical nerd costumes or outfits.

Want to be a female nerd? Check out our pointers for the nerd look for girls.

get the nerdy look by copying the revenge of the nerds outfits

So how do you re-create the nerdy costume?

The hair. Boys and girl nerds always, ALWAYS have a middle part and pulled away from the face. It is best to slick your hair back with some gel. If you can do a high cowlick like Alfalfa, go for it. Girls can either do a tight bun or a pair of pigtails.

The shirt.

Nerds cannot be seen without their Oxford shirts with short sleeves and their pocket protectors in place. Girl nerds usually pair a plaid shirt with their argyle vest. If you are going for a casual look, make sure you stand out with your tight-fitting Star Trek shirt.

The pants.

The cut and style of your pants may scream NERD all over it. So what are nerd pants? The tighter and shorter, the better! Nerds have a weird, clumsy way of walking and it is because of ill-fitting pants. So go for pants that are a size (or two) smaller and make sure it does not reach your ankles. If you can look for funky colors too, all the better. The most classic kind would be plaid. Match it up with suspenders or a long belt and you are good to go.

The socks.

All proper nerds wear mismatched argyle socks. If you have your tight-fitting pants on or your bermuda shorts, don your whitest knee-high pair of socks.

The shoes.

Black saddle shoes are the go-to shoes for nerds. Bowling shoes and white sneakers can also work.

The accessories.

Nerds never leave home without their big-rimmed, round glasses, an old-school digital watch (like an old Casio watch), the ever-present calculator, plus a bulky backpack. Throw in an outrageous bowtie if you can find one.

To complete your look, you can add a smattering of fake freckles on your face. You can also put on some fake buck teeth. The icing to the cake would be a a sign on your back that says “Kick me.”

If you put all these together, you would be the runaway winner to the nerdiest outfit ever.