How to talk to a girl you like – Tips to help a guy out

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When you meet a girl you are attracted to or like, of course you want to impress her with your positive qualities. But sometimes, try as you might, you can give a very bad impression because you get tongue-tied, your mind goes blank, or you might just blabber away. To avoid any mishaps, here are surefire conversation pieces that will help you show your shining qualities and get to know the girl more.

Ask about her interests and passion

Most guys like to talk about themselves. Be different. Ask her about her interests and what she is passionate about. This will clue you in on what she likes and dislikes, and if you have mutual interests. For example, if she is passionate about taking care of the environment, you can invite her to a clean-up drive at the beach or in the mountains. If she says yes, you just scored a date with her.

Ask about her favorite movies

Most people love watching a good movie. Ask her about her favorites and you can share notes about a particular film you both saw. You can compare plots, actors, soundtrack, or even cinematography (if that is her kind of thing). With that in mind, you can ask her to watch a movie with you that she will surely enjoy. Score!

Ask about her favorite music or singer

Another safe topic to discuss would be music. Check if you have the same taste in music. Ask her why she likes this genre or this singer and why she does not like this and that. Next thing you know, you would have been talking for hours on end.

Ask her about her childhood

As you get to know her more, you should be able to know more about her background. And knowing about her childhood will tell you about her past and her experiences. This will give way to having deeper conversations and give you a peep into what kind of person she was growing up.

Ask about her favorite holiday destinations

Everyone loves to travel and do some R&R. Talk about places she has been to and her experiences there. Ask her why she loves going there. If you are far along into the relationship, this should help you plan a weekend getaway with her that both of you would enjoy.

Just remember that each conversation is about knowing her and knowing each other and you will do just fine.