The Nerdy Girl look – the typical outfits & costumes

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In the previous article we discussed nerd outfits for boys, now it’s time for girls. Have you ever heard of Winnie Cooper, Felicity Smoak, Betty Suarez, and Jemma Simmons? They are your primetime babes that put a new spin to girl nerd. Girl nerds used to look drab and sad but thanks to these characters, we can use sass and sexy instead. So how do you work a nerdy look as a girl? To get the perfect nerd girl costume or outfit, you have to remember 2 main elements:

Your outfit – ‘clothes’ make the girly nerd

While the usual girl nerd would wear loose blouses with argyle vests with pencil-cut skirts in plaid, you can sexify it by wearing a tight-fitting blouse with a short, thigh-length skirt of any pattern. Think Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled. Or you can put on a tight-fitting dress with a thigh-high hemline. You can choose different colors or patterns to liven it up. Just remember to keep it very short

If you are wearing pants or a skirt, use a form-fitting top with any design that screams nerd. Like a Star Trek shirt or a Star Wars shirt, or you can go for a superhero design. You can also do it old school and get a shirt that says “nerd.” That ought to do it. And, a nerd outfit is almost never complete without suspenders. Look for complementary colors to your clothes to have a good color combination.

If you want full-on nerd, don a pair of loose shirts or blouses. Wear one that is about 2 sizes bigger than you. The pattern should clash with your skirt or pants to get that mismatched feel. Choose one in a bright color as well.

To top it all off, grab your favorite Converse shoes. If you are wearing a skirt of a dress, pair it with Doc Martens boots.

Your accessories

Black, big-rimmed glasses are always associated with nerds so make sure you wear a pair. You can make it more authentic by wrapping some masking tape on the bridge or the arms of the glasses. You can remove the lenses if you want, if they bother you.

Another popular accessory are books so make sure you carry a pair or three. Go for nerdy topics like literature, science, or math. If the books are very thick and heavy, you can always improvise with some comic books.

Tote bags are also a staple to the nerd wardrobe. Choose a plain tote or go for one with a nerdy TV show design like Doctor Who.

No nerd will ever leave home without her trusty calculator and pens. So flaunt them by putting these in your breast pocket if you have one.

If you follow these simple tips, you will surely be the girly nerd of the ball.

Image source: Pinterest.