The coolest car gadgets you can buy

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Some car owners are techies and they carry that interest to their cars. Some car gadgets are quite affordable, while some may be pricey, depending on how high-tech they are. If extra cash is needed to pay for these gadgets, Fort Lauderdale title loans may be of some assistance. Once you check out these gadgets, you might quickly head out the door to buy them. 


Mirror Dash Cam 

Rear view mirror dash cams are all the rage nowadays. With easy installation features, high resolution images and videos taken, easy to download videos, and touchscreen features, it is easy enough to understand why. Prices of good dash cams start at USD 80. With dash cams, you have video evidence should you be charged with traffic violations or be involved in car accidents. Some pricier brands offer clearer resolution so licence plates are quite clear. These more expensive ones may go as high as USD 200. 


Hudway Cast 

With smartphones helping us in our daily lives, the have become necessary when we drive as well. They help us navigate streets but they can take our eyes off of the road. With Hudway Cast, drivers can see navigational directions while looking at the road. The device casts the screen of smartphones on its display. It can be placed on top of the dashboard or on the audio panel. Even when calls or messages are received, it does not change screens so drivers can still see the navigational map. This device costs USD 189. 


Car Jump Starter 

When travelling or going on a road trip, you need to make sure you have all the tools you need in case of accidents, emergencies, and breakdowns. One cool tool that every car needs to have on standby would be a car jumper. Gone are the days when all you needed were strong bodies to push the car and jump start it. With automatic cars, hybrid cars, and electric cars dominating the roads more and more, pushing a car to start it is no longer feasible. And when you find yourself on a deserted road with not a soul in sight and your car battery gives out on you, you need a car jumper that can give your battery enough juice to bring you to the next town or until you can find some help. There are many available brands on the market. Car jumpers range from USD 40 to USD 170. 


Chris Digital Assistant 

Chris, the Digital Assistant, started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Created by German Autolabs, the device was created to give drivers the assistance they need while focusing on their driving. The device is mounted on the windshield and is voice activated. It is like Alexa and Siri, only that it is specifically for car drivers. Now that the Kickstarter project is over, the device is now available online for USD 286. It can be used for navigation, playing songs, reading and sending SMS, and placing and receiving calls. What makes it awesome is that it can be used offline. How cool is that!