4 Great Games You Need to Play Right Now

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Today you can find a lot of exciting titles, and some work better on a desktop device with a mouse and keyboard while others are equally captivating on your smartphone. There’s a wealth of options available online, so it might be difficult to find the perfect games that are worth your time. With that being said, if you want to experience hours of fun and fill your days with amazing virtual adventures, then check out our list of four awesome games that you need to try out today.

Online Casino Games

Casino games have come a long way since the first online casino was established in 1996. Nowadays, there are beautifully designed casino sites with many great features that offer an unparalleled gaming experience for fans of the games of chance.

There are always many reputable and new casino sites like NoviCasino that provide even more casino games and many possibilities for prizes. So, you can play everything from classic slot games to live casino games, for example.

Developers are always looking to provide better are more immersive games. Hence, there are regularly new releases, so you will never get bored. Otherwise, you will find generous promotions for frequent players, exclusive perks for VIP guests, and other benefits for members of online casinos. But, if you want to play for fun, you can access the games in demo mode.


There was a lot of hype around this game and for a good reason. This is a paranormal, action-adventure game that follows Jesse as she is on a mission to uncover what happened to her brother while she is trying to survive many obstacles and violent enemies in a U.S. government agency. As you play the game, you will gradually discover hidden abilities that open new locations to your character, and also you will need to decipher mysterious documents.

Thimbleweed Park

This game is a good choice for fans of the classic point and click adventure games. It features a  retro game design and interesting dialogue between the characters. The strange town is home to many mysteries, including a haunted hotel, a murder case, two FBI agents, and an abandoned circus. This game will certainly prove as a great distraction, and you can play it multiple times as you can choose between five characters in the game that will help you solve the mysteries in Thimbleweed Park.

Monument Valley

This is an award-winning game that is a great choice for anyone that likes to play games on their mobile devices. It is a puzzle game that leads the princess Ida through ancient monuments, a maze of optical illusion, temples, and other hidden paths.

The game has breathtaking artwork and sounds that match the adventures in the surreal world. Monument Valley was so successful that there’s already a sequel to this game, and also Monument Valley 3 is in development. You can download the game from Google Play and Apple Store, and it is also optimized for tablets.