4 games to look forward to 

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Even though 2020 has not even ended, game publishers have already introduced a lot of games you can buy and play in 2021. Of course, the PlayStation 5 will be released soon too, just like the Xbox One X. You could use both to play the games published in 2021, but obviously you could also decide to play them on your PC. For this, you will need fiberglass. Compare all the options in order to find the best one, which is called glasvezel vergelijken in Dutch. You would probably want to compare all of the internet providers too, use internet providers vergelijken to do this if you live in the Netherlands. After you have done this and you actually have internet, you could decide to preorder the following games so you can play them straightaway after they are released in 2021. 


Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is expected to be another collection of exotic sandboxes in which you can use your murderous trade. It is billed as the end to the World of Assassination trilogy and it is expected to have a more experimental approach than previous games. It is set in Dubai, which looks like a classic environment for Hitman, partially due to the size of the enormous skyscrapers. However, The Hornbridge Manor subverts this formula. Casting 47 as a detective who has been tasked with solving a murder in a locked room in the Knives Out style sounds like a great plot as well. It is presumed that he will murder the culprit in turn.



Dean Hall and Rocketwerkz have together created DayZ and they are back for another game, which will be called Icarus. This is going to be a multiplayer co-op survival game that saw its teaser premiere at the PC Gaming Show. This teaser may looked a bit normal. You could shoot bows, chop trees, build forts, and more on an alien planet. However, Icarus seems intriguing at the same time. It is somewhat based on Escape From Tarkov, here you descend from a space station with a short amount of time to complete objectives. You also have to haul precious materials back up to orbit. Icarus will use this principle too, which may keep the tension in the survival game in place.


Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 uses the foundation of the first game and turns it into something that is way more exciting. The contemporary setting has been replaced by a future that is partially fantastical. Medievalesque human factions here battle for the control of a city and its decreasing resources. In Dying Light 2 you will still come across zombies, and you will still have to do parkour, but there will be a much bigger emphasis on the story. The choices you will make in the game, will have an actual effect on the world around you. Dying Light 2 clearly was inspired by cRPGs, which makes many videogame players very happy.


Evil Genius 2

Evil Genius is back to dominate the world once again. The predecessor of Evil Genius 2 was released all the way back in 2004, but Rebellion is picking up right where it left off. By doing this the publisher encourages its players to return to build a fancy island lair and hiring Henchmen to bid for us. Of course, an evil overlord that is very successful has to have a Doomsday Device in order to reach the top. This type of power does not come cheap at all, while it also will not come uncontested. Set up traps, kidnap governors, bake Alaska, you are going to have do a lot in Evil Genius 2.