4 Best Scifi Books of 2019

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In need of a book to keep you occupied? Interested in science fiction, reading sci-fi books or watching sci-fi movies? Here are the 4 best science fiction books 2019 has to offer.


Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky 

Thousands of years ago when the terraforming program decided to enter space, scientists discovered alien life on a planet they named Nod. Their mission was to make Nod the new Earth. Humanity, however, failed and their great empire fell and all its history was lost. After a long time, people were able to detect something from the stars, intermittent radio signals. They then had a new mission: to find other people from old Earth. But their expedition led them to discover what should have not been discovered, something that should not have been left alone. But it already knew they were coming. 


Delta-V by Daniel Suarez

The whimsical billionaire Nathan Joyce invites James Tighe, a cave diver, to his private island to join the first-ever excursion to mine an asteroid near Earth. When Tighe gets to the island, he finds that the rewards he might receive are tremendous but the risks are staggering. He and his team face very strong competition. Isolated on the asteroid and pushed beyond their limits, Tighe and his fellow adventurers, who are mostly ex-soldiers, former astronauts, base jumpers and mountain climbers, realize that, to survive not only the risks of this first-ever expedition but also the harsh space conditions, they must rely on each other. 


The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal 

In the year 1952, on a cold night, a meteorite crashed on Earth and destroyed a huge part of the East Coast of the US, including the capital, Washington, DC. Because of the damage caused by the meteorite, the Earth will soon become uninhabitable for humanity. Everyone on Earth realizes that they don’t have time on their side any longer so formulate a plan that they can act on quickly to find a suitable place in the universe to transfer to. Elma York’s experience as a pilot and mathematician does not go unnoticed and she quickly earns a place in the efforts of the International Aerospace Coalition. During her time there, she met many skilled and experienced women who are outstanding pilots and scientists. Elma begins to wonder why women can’t be seen as astronauts by the higher ups. Elma wants to become the first woman astronaut and nothing can stop her. Not even the standards of society can stop a woman on a mission. 


Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson

In the not-so-far future, humans have successfully colonized the moon. Fred Fredericks is traveling to the moon for the first time on a job for China’s Lunar Science Foundation to install a communication device. Not long after he has landed, he sees something he wasn’t supposed to see and decides to disappear from the grid. Celebrity travel reporter Ta Shu also travels to the moon for the first time. He’s well known and he has many connections on Earth but he too will soon find that the moon can be an unsafe place for travelers even if they are as famous as him. Then there is Chan Qi, the daughter of the Minister of Finance. Chan Qi is on the moon because she has her own personal reasons, but when she tries to return to China in secret, things happened and it changed everything.