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ANALYSIS - A Look at Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

Posted July 30th 2012 by Adam Grayson.

Over the past couple of weeks, BioWare has responded to fan criticism by releasing free Extended Cut DLC, content that would expand the hotly debated endings to Mass Effect 3. Since then, fans have had a lot to say on the matter. We sat down to analyze the endings, discuss our thoughts on how the epic conclusion was handled, and if BioWare actually "fixed" the problems fans had been screaming about for months.

Be warned: Major Mass Effect 3 spoilers ahead!

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Tags: BioWare, Reapers, Shepard, Commander Shepard, DLC, Extended Cut, Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, Mass Effect 3, Catalyst, Starchild, Citadel, Refuse, Synthesis, Destroy, Control, Crucible, Captain Anderson, Illusive Man, Mass Effect

Posted in: Gaming, Entertainment

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