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Nintendo Direct - June 21, 2012

Posted June 23rd 2012 by Adam Grayson.

Oh, Nintendo...  It would seem the only time you don't announce news is during E3...  Lucky for us it's a whole two weeks after E3.  In case you all didn't see, last night Nintendo aired a new Nintendo Direct, Nintendo's "online home for exclusive Nintendo news," that talked about the Wii, DS, and 3DS.  I'll tell you the biggest announcement right off the bat—the 3DS XL.  Yeah.  I'll say that again.  The 3DS XL.  More info on that and more after the jump.

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Pokémon Conquest E3 2012 - Trailer

Posted June 6th 2012 by Adam Grayson.

Tags: Pokémon, E3 2012, Trailer, DS, Nintendo, pokemon

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REVIEW: Pokémon Platinum

Posted March 28th 2009 by Matt Coy.

Has it really been 10 years already? I remember it like it was yesterday: walking outside into the clean air with soft nostalgic music playing in the background and going to the Professor's lab to adopt some sort of quadruped creature with a plant growing on it. My childhood rival, the only friend I have in such a small town, of course chooses the biped that spits fire and scratches my plant pet in a battle of strength with bragging rights on the line.

Wait a second; now I remember! I remember it like it was yesterday because it actually was yesterday. But the same exact event also happened 10 years ago. No, it's not deja vu; it's Pokémon Platinum.

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Tags: Pokémon, Nintendo-DS

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