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PODCAST Episode 39: GDC 2012

Posted March 9th 2012 by J. Edison Thomas.

Podcast 39 - GDC 2012

With GDC wrapping up, the podcast crew discuss the biggest stories that caught their interest, including Assassin's Creed 3, SimCity's return with Maxis, Minecraft for 360, Grasshopper Manufacture's Lollipop Chainsaw, the Xbox Spring Showcase, Peter Molyneux's new independent studio, rumors of Capcom selling Street Fighter x Tekken combos for DLC, Nintendo's rejection of Edmund McMillen's The Binding of Isaac, and the Apple press conference's reveal of the new iPad.

Podcast stream after the jump.

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Tags: podcast, iPad, Apple, binding of isaac, Capcom, xbox spring showcase, lionhead studios, Peter Molyneux, simcity, lollipop chainsaw, maxis, grasshopper manufacture, itunes. gdc 2012

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Big Names Look Back at ‘08

Posted January 1st 2009 by Derrick Lutz.

BBC News takes a look back at gaming in 2008 by asking some of the biggest names in the industry for their thoughts. Oh and for some reason they also asked "professional games player" Fatal1ty for his input.

Peter Molyneux is up first, and he makes this puzzling comment about game difficulty:

GTA IV was a real moment for the industry. Rockstar nailed how you characterise a game and their engine and cut sequences are state of the art. However, only a few people actually saw all the cut sequences because the game was so tough to play. Are we making games too difficult? That's a question the industry has been asking itself of late.

Too difficult? For who? I was under the impression that games had gotten laughably easy in the last few years. Maybe Grandma still can't figure out these new-fangled video game machines but I think that's more because she doesn't care than it being beyond her ability. GTA IV is not a difficult game, perhaps somewhat frustrating with the lack of mid-mission checkpoints, but I doubt that the difficulty would stop anyone who was into the game from completing it.

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Tags: Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, GTA

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