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RECAP/REVIEW — The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale and Wrap-Up

Posted March 19th 2012 by J. Edison Thomas.

Recap/Review — The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

As a nerd with Internet access, it's hard not to get caught up in the drumbeats of war over our favorite shows, movies, or games—Mass Effect fans are doing so as we speak over the ending to Mass Effect 3. Fans of The Walking Dead began beating that drum shortly after a decently satisfactory first season, when news hit that showrunner Frank Darabont was unceremoniously dropped from the show. Perhaps because it was announced in tandem with budget cuts, fans were equal parts furious at the change and terrified that the second season would suffer for it. And suffer it did. The interminable campout at Herschel Greene's farm is as cruelly stagnant as one can imagine a show about zombies could be, with any budget. It only picked up in the second half of the season, capping off with last night's finale.

But the first half of the season? When nothing substantial happened for full episodes at a time? That's when Frank Darabont's influence was still guiding the show. Glen Mazzara's takeover didn't fully take effect until the mid-season return this spring. And aside from a major hiccup in Episode 11, it has largely exceeded expectations under his watch. So maybe there's a reason to look forward to a third season that can not only outdo the second, but also make up for it. There is certainly reason to think so after the major dust-up of Episode 13, "Over the Dying Fire."

After a recap, it's time to evaluate the season as a whole and whether it's worth it to keep trudging through zombieland with these people. As always, spoilers ahead.

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RECAP/REVIEW — The Walking Dead S2E6

Posted November 21st 2011 by J. Edison Thomas.

At some point, the combined forces of Tim the Enchanter, a paper cut-out God, and an army of Britons clamored "GET ON WITH IT!" And so the merry men at AMC who create The Walking Dead obliged.  Last night's episode, "Secrets," leaped forward on several plot threads, as the tag-team duo of Glenn and Dale made short work of a few underlying secrets to set the stage for a season semi-finale climax next week.  It was a welcome change of pace, although it's hard to say that much payoff came out of it within the episode itself.  Largely, it was an episode that was enjoyable if you like seeing Dale, Glenn and Shane doing things, but not for any reason outside of that.  Spoilers ahead.

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