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REVIEW Journey

Posted April 16th 2012 by Jordan Mammo.

REVIEW  Journey

The last thing I expected to do in the Philippines was jump off a cliff. Yet there I was, peering over the wooden plank before me and gazing down 50 feet at the deeply blue ocean below. It took 15 minutes to push myself this close to the edge, and I could hear the gentle but unbearable words of a Canadian man and his Chinese girlfriend telling me it looks worse than it really is. That I should "just do it."

Who the hell are these people? More importantly, how on earth did they convince me to sail out to this distant island and do this?!

We barely knew each other, after all. Conversation was often awkward. The Canadian guy didn't miss an opportunity to mention how much sex he'd had. The Chinese lady would get annoyed at seemingly inoffensive comments and enter periods of stone cold silence. It didn't seem to matter, though. The day before, we met on the sandy white beaches of Boracay, and without even realizing it we had hooked on to one another. Helmet diving. Cliff jumping. Drinking. I spent the better part of three days with these two: always trying to figure them out, always falling a little short, always grateful to have someone to share time with on the island.

The third night was when the Canadian guy told me how refreshing it was to meet people who didn't want to fuck either him or his girlfriend. At this point I started really questioning what it was that drew me to these two. How narcissistic was this guy? Or was he really just that insecure? Little did I know, the time to ask such questions had already passed. We were at a party, and the two started arguing. They went outside to escape the blaring music.

I never saw them again.

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