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New Concept Art for Wii Title "Calling"

Posted January 6th 2010 by Jacob Barnes.

1UP has released some new concept art from Hudson for the new survival horror game Calling. Calling joins a cluster of other Wii survival horror titles (Sadness, Winter...) which are stuck in development purgatory. Little information has been released concerning the game so far. Calling will leanmore towards games like the recently released Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, in that you fight using your brain rather than weapons. After the jump, take a look at some concept and character art, including a guy who looks an awful lot like Luis from Resident Evil 4.

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Shooting Watch Emulator Available on iTunes Store

Posted April 2nd 2009 by kino.

In what might have at first sounded like a pretty cool April's Fool joke, Hudson Soft announced the release of an iPod Touch/iPhone software based version of its Shooting Watch line of devices. Just like its yellow plastic counterpart, but going for a much cheaper US$0.99, the purpose of the Shot Watch app is simply to measure how fast one can repeatedly press a button within 10 seconds. Unlike the physical gadget, Shot Watch will feature six different modes (Shooting, Time, Stop, and the unlockable Secret 1, Secret 2 and Secret 3), and allow users to upload their scores to Hudson's online ranking servers.

Some will miss the tactility of the real thing, but at least the more than reasonable price will get you a fun piece of geek culture. Reasonable until you factor glass replacement costs from rubbing a lighter across your iPhone's screen, you damn cheater!

Hit the jump below for the embedded trailer featuring Takahashi Meijin himself.

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Help Wanted Teaser Trailer

Posted March 25th 2009 by Daisy Garcia.

Hudson released the video showcasing some of the quirky jobs you'll be able to play in the upcoming Help Wanted for the Nintendo Wii.

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