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Posted May 18th 2012 by Frankie Aguilar.

Source Code — Diablo II

One does not simply play the Diablo series. It's more like being in a relationship—a one-sided relationship where one person is flighty and non-committal and the other is always forgiving and welcoming. Think of it like old girlfriend you "hate" that immediately calls you every time a guy breaks up with her. The key here is, in this relationship, you are the evil ex and Diablo will always be there to pick up the phone. Staying power and almost infinite replayability are factors that make Diablo II one of the best games of all time, computer-based or otherwise. And with Diablo III finally releasing fans from over a decade's worth of digital vasocongestion, there's no better time to look back and reflect upon how amazing a game Diablo II was and still is to me.

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Tags: PC, RPG, blizzard, Diablo III, diablo ii, source code

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