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Amazon Getting Into Used Games Market

Posted March 6th 2009 by kino.

Online retailer Amazon just began testing its new console videogame trading program. Currently in beta, the new service allows Amazon customers to trade in used games for online credit. The titles must have at least a $10 trade in value, and come in good condition with original packaging.

This new initiative is sure to draw much negative reactions from retail game publishers, who have for the most part declared war on the whole used games market this generation. I'm not so sure your petty battles will matter for long when Digital Distribution takes over retail, guys.

We are certainly interested in hearing our readers' opinions on the topic. Please feel free to use the comment box, below this right after the jump.

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R4 Revolution Banned In Japan

Posted February 27th 2009 by Gareth Trinkwon.

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Guess Who's Topping January's NPD?

Posted February 13th 2009 by kino.

Those of you who most closely follow videogame sales remember last month's crazy figures for both Nintendo DS (3+ million) and Wii (2+ million). Usually a much slower month, January 09 confirms Nintendo's market ubiquity even further, with sales of 510,800 and 679,200 units for DS and Wii, respectively. Trailing behind are Xbox 360 at 309,000, Playstation 3 at 203,200, PSP and Playstation 2, all of which are once again beaten by Nintendo's systems, even with their figures combined.

On the software side, Nintendo and its licensees managed to get six games in this month's Top 10. Wii Fit logically tops the US charts, followed by Wii Play (but who's counting that anymore?) and Mario Kart Wii. Cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead was the best selling game for Microsoft's Xbox 360, and Sony's Playstation 3 managed to place a title in the Top 10 with... Lord of the Rings: Conquest? What?

Full recapitulative charts after this formulaic short break.

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Apple Drops iTunes Store DRM

Posted January 9th 2009.

itunesstoreAfter having tested the water with the timid iTunes Plus initiative, Apple has announced the shift to higher bitrate, DRM-free music files as the standard for their iTunes music and music video downloads, emulating rival Amazon's MP3 Store launched in 2007.

Still, all is not good in iTunesland; my title might've been a bit deceiving, as DRM-free may now be the de facto standard, but previous purchases from the store will still required converting from its computer-tied, iPod-exclusive format to openness. As of now, the upgrade will set you 30 per song.

The end of DRM is also a Trojan horse for a stealthier announcement: Most likely caving to the music industry's pressure, Apple's previously strict 99 per track strategy has been dropped in favor of multi-tiered pricing. Songs will now sell for 69, 99, or $1.29 depending on freshness and consumer demand.

Hopefully, this pricing model ends up helping smaller labels, who will benefit from the lower prices. Disclaimer: Holding your breath may lead to severe asphyxia.

Tags: Apple, Music, Digital Distribution, Business

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UGO Acquires 1UP Network. EGM No More.

Posted January 8th 2009.


Issue no. 236 of Electronic Gaming Monthly

UGO Entertainment, a unit of Hearst Corporation has announced yesterday it had acquired all assets of the 1UP Network -composed of videogame sites,,,, and from Ziff Davis Media, who wishes to "Focus Solely on its Core PCMag Digital Network Business".

Related to the announcement is the unfortunate discontinuation of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the institution of gaming magazines first launched by Sendai Publishing Group some twenty years ago. Adding to what some will qualify as tragedy, the majority of editorial staff (about 40 people according to inside sources) has been let go.

According to former Editor In Chief James "Milkman" Mielke, the final issue of EGM will be freely available digitally on 1UP in the near future. Ziff had previously announced its PCMAG brand was to go all digital, with the discontinuation of the print publication of the same name.

We wish the former 1UP staff all the best. Hey, N-Philes is hiring, by the way!

ZD and UGO's press releases after the jump.

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Wii Sports: Best Selling Videogame in History?

Posted January 8th 2009.


According to reports emanating from infamous videogame sales tracking site VGchartz, Nintendo's Wii Sports -bundled with the Wii in all territories but Japan and Korea, has now surpassed Super Mario Bros. as the top selling videogame of all time.

Sitting as over 40 million units, the previous record holder, Super Mario Bros. was also bundled with its respective system (the NES) back in the 80's when it launched in the West. VGchartz does not provide evidence of their claim, but rationalizes that as 45 million Nintendo Wiis are sitting in players' homes (or closets), Wii Sports had well enough room to have reached the venerable historical number.

Now I love me some Wii Sports as much as the next elderly virtual bowler, but a quick look at Nintendo's latest financial report -covering a period ending on September 2008, shows sales for the sports simulation of 30.87 million units. With the game having sold " only " 9.53 millions in the whole rest of the year, we seriously doubt that it managed to cover the remaining 10 millions in just three months.

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