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The Capstone Games of FIEA's Cohort 9

Posted August 6th 2013 by Adam Grayson.

In case you missed the live Ustream presentation last Friday, here are the videos of the four Capstone games presented by the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy's Cohort 9.

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PODCAST — Episode 39: GDC 2012

Posted March 9th 2012 by J. Edison Thomas.

Podcast 39 - GDC 2012

With GDC wrapping up, the podcast crew discuss the biggest stories that caught their interest, including Assassin's Creed 3, SimCity's return with Maxis, Minecraft for 360, Grasshopper Manufacture's Lollipop Chainsaw, the Xbox Spring Showcase, Peter Molyneux's new independent studio, rumors of Capcom selling Street Fighter x Tekken combos for DLC, Nintendo's rejection of Edmund McMillen's The Binding of Isaac, and the Apple press conference's reveal of the new iPad.

Podcast stream after the jump.

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Tags: podcast, iPad, Apple, binding of isaac, Capcom, xbox spring showcase, lionhead studios, Peter Molyneux, simcity, lollipop chainsaw, maxis, grasshopper manufacture, itunes. gdc 2012

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Indie-cent Exposure #2

Posted July 6th 2011 by Brandon Schmidt.

If you didn't get around to reading the inaugural edition of this feature, have no fear.  I'm back with a couple more indie games to whet your appetite for experiences outside the mainstream.  The theme of this edition is familiarity.  Our first title is from the makers of another of my favorite indie titles in the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace  The second was created by one of our own forum members for the iOS platform.

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Tags: Match Box, Cthulhu, Apple, Indie, Indie-cent Exposure

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iPhone OS 3.0 Preview

Posted March 20th 2009 by kino.









Apple has issued beta versions of its upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 with assorted SDK, to partners worldwide. New in this release are some much requested features. The most visible from the Home screen is a small search icon, situated left of the page numbers dots. By sliding the page left of the main Home screen, users can now access the new Spotlight application, allowing them to type in search strings that span the entire device for matching songs, videos, or text.

Copy and Paste is another long awaited addition. Double tapping text will bring out a selection box that can be dragged or magnified for a clearer view. Copying/Pasting also works with photos, and even across applications, just like it would under Windows or MacOS.

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In Case Anyone Missed It...

Posted March 17th 2009 by Gareth Trinkwon.

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Apple Releases Safari 4 Beta

Posted February 24th 2009 by Derrick Lutz.

You can check it out for yourself over at Apple's site, where they have the download and a list of 150 features.  Read on for my thoughts about it.

I gave it a quick try, and my first impression is that it's very Chrome-like.  Except not as good.  The tabs are above the address bar like Chrome, but instead of putting them just below the window title, they are the window title.  It really doesn't look right and it's easy to forget they're up there.  Speaking of tabs, middle-clicking a tab does not close it.  And you can't open a bookmark in a new tab by middle-clicking it.  Maybe those guys at Apple don't have middle-mouse-buttons or something.

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Apple Drops iTunes Store DRM

Posted January 9th 2009.

itunesstoreAfter having tested the water with the timid iTunes Plus initiative, Apple has announced the shift to higher bitrate, DRM-free music files as the standard for their iTunes music and music video downloads, emulating rival Amazon's MP3 Store launched in 2007.

Still, all is not good in iTunesland; my title might've been a bit deceiving, as DRM-free may now be the de facto standard, but previous purchases from the store will still required converting from its computer-tied, iPod-exclusive format to openness. As of now, the upgrade will set you 30¢ per song.

The end of DRM is also a Trojan horse for a stealthier announcement: Most likely caving to the music industry's pressure, Apple's previously strict 99¢ per track strategy has been dropped in favor of multi-tiered pricing. Songs will now sell for 69¢, 99¢, or $1.29 depending on freshness and consumer demand.

Hopefully, this pricing model ends up helping smaller labels, who will benefit from the lower prices. Disclaimer: Holding your breath may lead to severe asphyxia.

Tags: Apple, Music, Digital Distribution, Business

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