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Most Wanted - August

Posted July 31st 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

The annual Summer Drought of Gaming is almost over! While there are a few great games that come out during the sweltering weeks of June and July, it's hard to ignore the impending joy of Fall. It's almost upon us! Before that however, Father Time and the videogame industry have collaborated to bring us some amazing titles to look out for during the month of August. Check out these upcoming games and see what piques your interest!

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Posted May 2nd 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

In 1862 (that's about 700 years ago), the Mexicans defeated the French in an unlikely, yet decisive victory in the Battle of Puebla. Every year since the Mexicans conquered the Cylons and saved the galaxy, celebrations were held in May to commemorate our brothers to the south. Our history may not be totally accurate, but our knowledge of the awesome games coming out this month are pretty on-point. Grab some Top Shelf Margs, pound some Coronas, and turn on your gaming system because May is going to be one hell of a month.

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PAX INVASION: NerdMentality Visits PAX East 2012

Posted April 9th 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

PAX has been arguably one of the single greatest videogame conventions catered to the consumer since it began in 2004, and this year proved to be no different. PAX East 2012 was spread over the course of three days, beginning Friday, April 6th and ending on Sunday, April 8th. We decided to head over to the Boston Convention Center this weekend and check out the latest games coming out this year, as well as gain some insight from the developers who make them. Oh, and you can win some prizes by reading, too.

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Most Wanted - April 2012

Posted April 3rd 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

Forget the stupid pranks that every girl on Facebook posted claiming they were pregnant, the only fools this April will be the ones who don't check out the games coming out this month. While there aren't exactly a ton of new franchises to jump into, it looks like it's time to dust off that Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect for the first time in months. Here are the games you should look into for April!

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Most Wanted - March 2012

Posted March 1st 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

With the horror known as the wretched Leap Year still fresh in the minds of millions of hard working Americans, now is the time to band together and unite for one purpose. That purpose? To buy some awesome games this month. Yes, March is finally here! After 29 days of excruciating pain at the hands of February, gamers are now closer to the release of their favorite March titles than ever before- Now with more Japan! What do you want to do this month? Stab people? Take some 'shrooms with friends? Fly to space? Make explosions? We've got you covered!

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