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So you've found yourself amongst the hive of scum and villainy that is N-Philes Chat, but you're still a little lost? Perhaps these nuggets of information will help...

How do I change my nick name?

Simple, my anonymous friend! Point your mouse to the chat bar (that's the white bar along the bottom of the chat box), click, and type something along the following: /nick MyNewNickName - Then press enter.

Make sure that you keep your new name simple. Spaces and most unusual characters are disallowed. If you did everything correctly, your new alias should take effect and other chatters will be able to see it.

I get a big red X on the chat page.

Hmm... This could be one of several issues. The live chat requires that you have Java installed on your system. I'd recommend speaking to your favorite system administrator (Not us). Alternatively, you could always check out the following question...

What are those weird symbols next to some peoples' usernames?

Ah, you noticed that, hm? The symbols usually denote a special status for that particular user. The @ and % symbols indicate that the user is a channel operator, and has the ability to remove chatters from the chat room, as well as set topics and other channel options. A + symbol gives the user a voice when the channel has been silenced. It's generally just given to long-time users or those associated with the website.

How do I access the chat from alternative chat software?

Ah, we can see you're a real man's chatter. Some one who should not be trifled with in the realms of cyberdom! A being of such power that live Java chat cannot possibly contain the magnificence that lies inside! Some body, I suppose wants the server details...

You're in luck!

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #n-philes

Point your favorite IRC software to that location and you'll be chatting in no time.

I joined the chat, but nobody's talking. What gives?

Idlers. Don't you just hate them? Yes, you'll often find a lot of users sitting in chat not saying a word. They're an unsocial bunch. Don't take it personally; they're probably busy arguing about Star Trek versus Battlestar Galactica on NerdsRUs. Hey, check it out. I'm making fun of nerds on a Nintendo site. I'm ironic.

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