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Most Wanted - August

Posted July 31st 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

The annual Summer Drought of Gaming is almost over! While there are a few great games that come out during the sweltering weeks of June and July, it's hard to ignore the impending joy of Fall. It's almost upon us! Before that however, Father Time and the videogame industry have collaborated to bring us some amazing titles to look out for during the month of August. Check out these upcoming games and see what piques your interest!

The industry is filled with copycats and sequels that never put anything on the table. New Super Mario Bros. 2 hopes to change that. A sequel to a reboot of a franchise, NSMB2 features the same old "Bowser took the Princess to like, 9 different castles" storyline, but wait there's more! This time, the Mushroom Kingdom is literally bursting at the seams with shiny gold coins. And gold statues. And gold pipes which lead to gold-filled caverns. Basically, Mario must know that the Princess doesn't want a broke plumber to rescue her. He's gotta have money in the bank! Sequel!

Shout the word "VALVE" in a room full of gamers and your head will explode with all the adorable joy and glee that will come as a result. The developer's newest project, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is sure to get some attention, as the team-based action gameplay that inspired so many modern shooters gets expanded on. New maps, leader boards, matchmaking, and game modes will be added, too. Basically you already know you're going to get it, so there is not much of a reason to go on.

Sports! But really, Madden NFL 13 looks to overhaul the classic gameplay mechanics that have been implemented since Madden NFL 06 in a way that will make the series stand out as an actual sports game and not a 24/7 tackle/bro festival where you can customize fans' signs. NFL 13 will be utilizing new technology known as the Infinity Engine that will make sure no two plays look the same ever again. Physics and momentum play a huge role in the way the games operate. In addition, there will also be a new story in which every player huddles and discusses their fathers' rampant alcoholism.

You know about the publisher known as Atlus, right? They made Catherine, which was incredible in just about every way. Plus, they're all about the Persona series, which is arguably one of the better RPG series of our time. Persona 4 will be a spin-off which takes a few hints from the famous BlazBlue franchise. 2D fighting with RPG elements and an amazing art style? Sign me up!

Asian cinema is often considered one of the finest art forms in the world. Amazing choreographed fighting, believable acting, boobs, and an engaging story are some of the key components in a successful action film. Sleeping Dogs for PS3 and XBOX360 will be taking all of these ingredients and mixing them together in a delicious soup of ass-kicking goodness as the new IP makes its way stateside on August 14th. Set in a crowded island near Hong Kong, the player must wade through the streets and its seedy underbelly, before they become consumed by criminal organizations. Hey, it can't be worse than the Street Fighter movie, right?

When you're one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and you get accused of causing horrific and devastating catastrophes, well, s@#t gets real. In the original Darksiders, players took on the role of War, a Horseman who received blame for starting the End of Days/unleashing demons upon mankind/opening the gates of Hell/losing my keys. In Darksiders II, we get to see through the eyes of Death, the brother of War. Death is on a quest to prove his brother's innocence in a unique tale that runs parallel to the events of the first game. Developer Vigil Games promises new weapons, armor, gameplay/RPG elements, and improvements on everything that made the original title so great.

That's all she wrote for this month, though! What about you? Any titles we may have missed? Will you be saving your wallet some trouble and waiting for the Fall? Let us know in the comments section below!

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ill be giving new super mario bros 2 a go!

Thursday, August 2nd 2012

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