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PODCAST 47 Gay Superheroes vs. One Million Moms

Posted June 2nd 2012 by J. Edison Thomas.

Podcast 47  Gay Superheroes vs. One Million Moms

This week, we talked about exciting, life-affirming news of "real life zombies" in Miami and elsewhere, something about 38 studios, Indie Game: The Movie, Double Fine's new game, Amazon Instant on Xbox 360, and we have a Very Serious Discussion about DC and Marvel comics putting more focus on gay characters, and bitchmothers who have a problem with that.

We were drunk when we recorded this; forgive us if it goes astray.

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Twitter recommendations:

1. Indie Game: The Movie @indiegamemovie
2. Ron Gilbert @grumpygamer

29:05 Housekeeping notes
30:05 Goodbyes and off-script hilarity hijinks

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Tags: podcast, Marvel Comics, dc comics, Xbxo 360, Amazon Instant, indie game: the movie, Indie, Double-Fine, 38 Studios, zombies, itunes

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LinKami Deschain

Glad to hear daisy back in the fold, and brandon sounds like a babysitter (keeping everyone on track) and a real professional. Like he should be on some local news channel reporting. Adds a nice touch of class to the podcast. You touched upon the green latern issue about having an already made character being gay, but if i had a gripe with it it would be taking a character out of context of what they were originally intended to be. I have no idea who created him, and is probably dead now, but for more impact why not make a more cental and modern GL be gay? I guess they wanted to rock the boat but not make waves. Also sounds like jared has a batcrush going on with his disdain for catwoman yet his desire to see bruce wayne be gay........ And i have no idea what movie that is. Its not willow though.

Sunday, June 3rd 2012

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