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MOST WANTED — May 2012

Posted May 2nd 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

In 1862 (that's about 700 years ago), the Mexicans defeated the French in an unlikely, yet decisive victory in the Battle of Puebla. Every year since the Mexicans conquered the Cylons and saved the galaxy, celebrations were held in May to commemorate our brothers to the south. Our history may not be totally accurate, but our knowledge of the awesome games coming out this month are pretty on-point. Grab some Top Shelf Margs, pound some Coronas, and turn on your gaming system because May is going to be one hell of a month.

Remember growing up and spending time outdoors? Neither do we, because Diablo II was the shit. This month, after a long wait, Diablo III is finally coming out. Just in time, too, since most college students will be on break and can grind for hours without having to do stupid things like "study." The world of Tristram is once again in grave danger, and it is up to you to dispel the darkness from stirring once again. Pick one of five character classes and dive into one of the most legendary action RPGs to date!

We'll forget that disgusting film adaptation of the emotionally dark and gritty Rockstar game, Max Payne ever existed. Fans of the last generation series know that this was a game about a protagonist who is haunted by horrors committed against his family. The combination of the incredible writing team behind the original titles, coupled with seamless and cutting-edge gameplay could make quite the baby. Also included for the first time is online multiplayer, so now you can enjoy this awesome baby with your friends. Just don't sniff it. Nobody likes people who sniff babies.

Oh, it's finally happening. Over 5 years ago, Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at E3. After a long, long time, it's finally coming out. A tactical shooter that involves patience and skill? Sounds like fun. Don't take my word for it though, read Frankie's impressions of the multiplayer beta here!

Digital rendition of Westeros? Dragon Age inspired combat? Authorized by George R.R. Martin himself? Well take my clothes off, prop some dragons on my shoulder, and call me Daenerys DiPalma! The hit HBO series, Game of Thrones has captivated millions of fans across the world for its deep storyline and immersive world. Plus, you can control a Red Priest, and who doesn't want to play with fire or give birth to creepy shadow-demon babies?

Ever wanted to drive a Ferrari, but couldn't wait until you were a balding 50 year-old banker in desperate need of reclaiming lost youth while cheating on your wife? Don't worry, Test Drive: Ferrari Legends has you covered. Now you can drive over 70 years worth of some of the finest engineered cars that have dominated the race track for years, all from the safety and comfort of your 1 bedroom apartment.

Sorcerers have been tainted for me since that Nicholas Cage movie. (Well in all fairness, everything Nicholas Cage touches slowly dies a horrible, bloody death.) This time, though, players have a reason to blow the dust off their Playstation Move with the peripheral title, Sorcery. The realm of the Faerie Kingdoms are at stake, and it's up to players to conjure up some of the most powerful spells if they want to vanquish tons of enemies, solve puzzles, and even create potions.

The Playstation Vita sure does make games look pretty, and Resistance: Burning Skies is no exception. This title is being developed exclusively for the Vita, as it will take full advantage of utilizing the dual sticks on the system. The era is still the same, as the Chimera have sunk their nasty claws into the East Coast. Players will control a New Jersey firefighter who will need more than a bucket of water to stop this heat from spreading.

Imagine a world where Shadow of the Colossus meets Skyrim and then hooks up with Reckoning, they have a vicious orgy and decide to become a human centipede, which is exactly what Dragon's Dogma is like. Capcom's take on medieval-fantasy RPGs full of action is coming out this month, and it looks amazing. The demo was loads of fun and is available to download for free on XBOX Live and PSN, so check it out and decide if it'll be worth the wait.

Tired of slaying dragons? Yeah, neither are we. Luckily this month seems to be full of medieval castles and horrible English accents. When you're not engorging yourselves in a pool of Top Shelf Margs, we hope you take advantage of the awesome games coming out this May. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Many interesting titles release in May but none are instant purchases. As a new fan of Game of Thrones, the game intrigues me but licensed-based video games are rarely good. I never played Diablo but I'm excited for it solely based on all the praise part II received. Unfortunately, I don't play games on my PC. I never played a Max Payne or Ghost Recon game but both are on my radar. I think Sorcery is the best use of motion controls in a long time and I would consider buying it if I already owned the Move. I'm glad there are no must buys because it provides me more time to play Xenoblade Chronicles.

Tuesday, May 15th 2012

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