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Review - Tough Sh*t by Kevin Smith (Enhanced Edition)

Posted March 27th 2012 by Frankie Aguilar.

Tough Sh*t, the latest book by nerd legend Kevin Smith has been on book shelves for about a week now. As you saw in my review of the aforementioned novel, I found the book hilarious in its vulgarity and very enjoyable. I was lucky enough to have had the privilege of reading this tome in print, a seemingly dying art form, but since we live in the digital age we now have the ability to read books in a digital format; a medium that Kevin Smith and crew sought to utilize with their enhanced digital reader edition of Tough Sh*t.

Enter the Tough Sh*t Enhanced Edition, the entire book in an e-reader friendly format with add-ons that could only be brought to you through the power of modern technology. Right off the bat we are introduced to the book by a brief :51 second QuickTime video starring the author himself. A series of these videos are embedded prior to each chapter serving as a brief preface. You see the author rumbling around his home and office, dropping hints and knowledge about what you are about to read while adding anecdotal depth and visual stimuli.

The videos themselves don't run long usually between one and three minutes and give a great deal of extra content the likes of which are usually confined to DVD extras. And that's the best way to think of this Enhanced Edition of Tough Sh*t, and book with DVD extras. You won't find any extra content as far as text is concerned, and if you're not a fan of reading things digitally, stick with the paper book. But for diehard Kevin Smith fans this would truly be the preferable edition.


This review was based on an epub copy received from Penguin Publishing. Tough Sh*t is available at bookstores on March 20th. Enhanced e-books will also be available March 20th through Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble websites.


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