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Most Wanted - March 2012

Posted March 1st 2012 by Anthony DiPalma.

With the horror known as the wretched Leap Year still fresh in the minds of millions of hard working Americans, now is the time to band together and unite for one purpose. That purpose? To buy some awesome games this month. Yes, March is finally here! After 29 days of excruciating pain at the hands of February, gamers are now closer to the release of their favorite March titles than ever before- Now with more Japan! What do you want to do this month? Stab people? Take some 'shrooms with friends? Fly to space? Make explosions? We've got you covered!

Mass Effect is a series known for its total awesomeness in everything awesome. You might remember our podcast where we discussed our experience playing the online and single player portion of the Mass Effect 3 demo. Those who have played the first two games already know how Mass Effect is unique in that your decisions carry over and actually affect the world (or galaxy in this case) you're in. The Reapers, a synthetic race of machines that harvest life every 50,000 years have returned to attack Earth, and it's up to your Commander Shepard to stop them. Maybe you allied yourself with the human extremists? Did you save the Council and reprogram the Geth army to fight with you? Or did you kill them all? One player's experience in Mass Effect 3 will be completely different from another player's, but one thing is for certain: It's going to kick ass.

Often titled as one of the greatest fighting game series of all time, Street Fighter is back... And this time, with some new friends. Maybe you want to pit your Ryu against Kazuya or your Zangief against Yoshimitsu? Well now you can! In the 2D art style of Street Fighter, players will now be able to drag their favorite fighters from rival series Tekken into the ring. Each Tekken character will have their own special attacks as well, so you can be sure that there will be some down right fierce punches all month.

Want to play a fun game? Try saying Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations five times in a row. Want to play an even more fun game? Try playing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. This time, there will be tons of Naruto characters to join the fight, and even more when the series jumps to a global scale and allows online competition and new game modes. Fans of the series are sure to love the gameplay, and those new to the series won't find a better entry point.

Ridge Racer! RIIIIIIIDDGEEE RRRAAACCEEEEERRRRR!!! Okay I'll stop. I've said before how much I really just dislike racing games, but Ridge Racer Unbounded is going to be more than just about driving in the typical arcade style tracks. This time, drivers can blow shit up and dominate the streets with brute force. Did I mention that you can blow shit up? Because you can. Look for Ridge Racer Unbounded in stores March 27th.

Swords, prostitutes, Japan... AND ZOMBIES WHAT IS THIS? Sega is bringing a Yakuza experience with a nice little twist. When not on the run from the treacherous Japanese mafia, players are forced to stop a seemingly unstoppable horde of undead freaks. For the first time in the series, players will actually use guns ranging from pistols to rocket launchers as they take on the roles of four of the Yakuza's most infamous characters in the Japanese underworld.

Those who have played the Armored Core series know how fun it is to pulverize giant robots into dust. Mech-warfare is certainly a unique genre in gaming, and Armored Core V looks to build on this. Rather than focusing on massive robot attacks, the FromSoftware developers are aiming to make smaller mechs and change up the gameplay to make combat more tactical than the straight-up deathmatch approaches the series is known for. Now with full online compatibility, you can save the world with your friends!

Everyone's favorite ninja is back! (No, not Jet Li) Ryu Hayabusa is emerging from the shadows once more to stab, slice, or marginally disrupt all the evil in Japan/Earth/Milky Way. This time however, things are different. Team Ninja wants players to feel emotions for the goons they slaughter without mercy. Recently, Team Ninja stated that they wanted to offer players a conflict far beyond the typical Ninja vs. NinjaDemonMonkeyGodKing and extend into the realms of morality. Though we're unsure how this will work, Team Ninja wants us to "feel what it's like to cut someone down." To answer that, it usually feels awesome, but we'll see how Ninja Gaiden 3 fares this month.

We usually try to stay away from adding sports games to our lists for a few reasons, one being that people who like sports games will obviously buy them and people who don't like sports games won't. This month we added MLB 12: The Show because it is quite possibly the best baseball series out there, and because it is available for the Playstation Vita as well as the PS3. If you own a Vita and are looking to build on your collection of games, MLB 12: The Show looks like a fun way to play baseball when you're in a car, truck, bus, parking lot, dining room, or any other place where playing baseball is not socially accepted.

Like the other 8 games before it, Mario Party 9 is about Mario and co. competing in mini games and causing best friends to become enemies as alliances are born in the brutal board game where he or she with the most stars is the champion. In the game of Mario Party you win or you die (in a family friendly way, of course). Grab some friends, some drinks, and wipe the dust that has collected on the Wii since Skyward Sword because the fact that Wii owners have another game to play is worth celebrating.

We here at NerdMentality love zombies. Jared writes a weekly recap of Walking Dead episodes and Frankie was elected as Sheriff of the zombie fort we're building in preparation for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. But if there is one thing we love more than zombies, it's killing them. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City puts players back into the outbreak in 1998 which caused years of awesome zombie murdering action. With the outbreak of the deadly T-Virus, the U.S. government is sending in elite troops to find proof that it was the cause of the Umbrella Corporation, but Umbrella has their own ideas. Players will take on the role of an Umbrella Security Services soldier who is tasked with finding and destroying evidence linked to Umbrella. Also, zombies.

And that's it for March. We're only three months into 2012 and we've seen some incredible games already. Any games on the list that you're interested in? Any that we may have missed? Sound off in the comments section below!

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The gaming year finally begins! January and February are always empty. But March is heating things up with a Game of the Year nominee Mass Effect 3, Sports game of the year nominee MLB: the Show, and the high selling series, Mario Party, will release its 9th installment. Not too shabby. Fighting game fans get a game, Resident Evil fans get a game, and 3ds owners will get another quality title in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It's a pretty good month for gamers.

Thursday, March 15th 2012

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