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2012 - What We Want

Posted December 27th 2011 by Anthony DiPalma.

2011 has been quite a ride. This year alone, we have solved murder mysteries in LA, completed new tests for Aperture Science, scaled the tallest buildings in Constantinople, hunted for dragons, and shot, stabbed, or chainsawed our troubles away. With 2011 being such an incredible year for videogames, we're forgetting that 2012 is right around the corner. In preparation for another year of hit after hit, Brandon and I sat down and took a look at four upcoming titles that we think everyone should look out for.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

While I doubt Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be as deep as a game like Skyrim (in which Frankie and I spent an entire day doing nothing and still couldn't contain our rock hard erections,) I'm still really excited for it. Maybe it's because the game is being developed by 38 Studios, a new development team working in Providence, RI, which is like 2 towns over from me. Or maybe it's because I want to play an in-depth RPG that looks like it will eat, shit, and breathe pure excellence? Here's the thing: The Kingdom of Amalur already has a rich history created by world famous fantasy writer, R.A. Salvatore. (Maybe you've heard of him? I said he was a world famous fantasy writer like, in the last sentence)

Reckoning is going to have everything a true RPG fan wants. For one, there are classes that allow players to branch out and not remain solely constricted to certain actions. As an example, I can be a mage and focus on magic, but if I feel like I'm done playing Harry Potter, I can easily fix my skill slots and turn myself into a sword wielding beefcake. Branching questlines, a fantastic world created by some of the best writers and artists in the business, incredible action and an open world with over 50 hours of gameplay? Come on, you know you want it.


I liked Final Fantasy XIII. Yes, I said it. It's OK, just breathe. I know, every single person is going to say "OMG FINAL FANTASY SUCKED AFTER FFVII GAAAHHHH" but really, just sit down, shut your lips, and learn. While FFXIII may not have been as great as previous titles (fans tend to forget the shitstorm that was Final Fantasy 11), it was a solid title that, if it didn't have the name "Final Fantasy" branded on the case, would have been given much higher praise by fans. FACT. Now, onto the sequel to a sequel. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is basically fan service to those who were dissatisfied with the first game, but it looks like it has absolutely nothing to do with the last game.

In the trailer, we see some pretty cool shit. Lightning is decked out in armor as she jumps into a battleground with her Eidolon, Odin. As they're taking out legions of enemies summoned by an unknown enemy, crazy explosions and crumbling mountains carve a path for her to confront this new rival. To go along with the theme of new characters, Square Enix has promised improvements to gameplay which include a new battle system that allows players to capture monsters and summon them during fights. Yeah, it looks like Pokemon, only more JRPG-ish.

There are tons of other changes to the formula for FFXIII-2, and it seems like it will be more than just fan service, but a true sequel that will be bigger and better than the first game. This is great news for people who didn't care for Final Fantasy XIII, and even better news for those of us who loved it.


Borderlands 2

I've never really been all that into competitive online shooters. There's just no way I'm going to be able to sink that much time into them to stay competitive. Online cooperative shooters are a completely different story and are part of the reason why I was blown away when Borderlands snuck up on me back in 2009. We were given a vast, Road Warrior-style world to explore with varied player classes, absurd and often twisted humor, and more loot drops than you could ask for from a true RPG. The best part? You could have up to three buddies join in for some cooperative action. Gearbox continued to support the game months after its release with some really great DLC content that was, in some ways, even better than the original game.

Flash forward to 2012 and we're just a few months away from the expected release of Borderlands 2. The developers are promising all new player classes, a wider variety of environments, and literally millions of potential guns created through their procedural system. I'm really looking forward to a more robust version of a game I already love, all I need now is just a few friends along for the ride.


If you listened to our E3 podcasts from this past year, you already know that our fearless Editor-in-Chief took a dump on pretty much everything that was shown. One of his few exceptions was also one of my best surprises of the show - Overstrike, from Insomniac Games. The big buzz coming in was about this game being the first multiplatform title coming out of the talented development studio. However, it was the potential shown in the trailer that had me eagerly awaiting more details.

Much like Borderlands, a big draw to Overstrike is the cooperative nature of the game. Not many concrete details have been revealed, but it appears that you and up to three other friends can join forces to complete missions as you take the reigns of four very different styles of players. Right now my hopes of the game are all riding on the potential of a trailer that didn't even show any real gameplay, nor has Overstrike even been solidly confirmed for 2012. That won't keep me from rooting for a late 2012 release and a new franchise that might have the gameplay, variety, tense action, and hilarity (intended or otherwise) that only cooperative games like Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, etc. are able to provide.

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FFXIII-2 but no Ni no Kuni? Stopped reading there.

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

J. Edison


Stopped reading... at the end of the article?

Wednesday, December 28th 2011



So uhhhh Kingdoms of Amalur? Eh????

Wednesday, December 28th 2011



my two games for 2012 right now are twisted metal and ni no kuni.

Wednesday, December 28th 2011


I'm not too interested in any of these titles, but it's interesting to know that 38 Studios is located in Providence, RI. If SSX is more Tricky, less SSX 3, and not Blur, that'll be my Game of the Year. Best part? It releases next month.

Saturday, January 21st 2012

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