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Why Mass Effect 3 Will Be The Best In The Series

Posted June 7th 2011 by Anthony DiPalma.

The developers at BioWare have made quite a name for themselves lately. Despite less than excellent reviews of Dragon Age II, the team promises to bring gamers a true powerhouse with Mass Effect 3. Considering the amazing sales of Mass Effect 2, the third entry in the continuous series is sure to be a success. Why exactly will Mass Effect 3 be the absolute best in the series? The storytelling will still remain the same as players will still be able to develop Commander Shepard into a paragon who does all he/she can do to help the galaxy, or a violent and ruthless leader who prefers to shoot first and ask questions later. The biggest difference will be in the gameplay, which promises to take a huge step forward in the fast paced action of the Mass Effect universe.

Based on the presentation at E3, Commander Shepard has a few new tricks up his (or her) sleeve. Each class now has the ability to be trained in every weapon. This is great for players who choose to rely on Biotic powers and are only given a pistol and submachine gun at the start of Mass Effect 2. In addition to allowing players to use every weapon from the start, Shepard can now roll forward, pick up enemy weapons, fire while sprinting, and use improved melee attacks to make quick work of enemies. Of the new melee attacks, Shepard can now use his Omni-Tool as a blade, or use biotic powers to make energy swords.

Your Omni-Tool now serves as a powerful melee weapon

In the gameplay demo at E3, we witnessed Commander Shepard meeting up with Mordin Solus, the Salarian doctor who helped you defeat the Collectors at the end of Mass Effect 2. Unfortunately, some players may not be able to see him because he'll be dead. OOPS! Did I spoil something for you? Well don't get worked up. If you didn't make a careless decision in Mass Effect 2, Mordin might have survived in your playthrough. Mass Effect has always been about choice and consequence - allowing players to import their Commander Shepard from the first game and witnessing firsthand how their decisions affected the lives of others in the galaxy. Mass Effect 3 promises to stay with the formula that made the previous games so unique - an experience that you create. Commander Shepard's decisions impact the galaxy in numerous ways, but they also have smaller effects. You may have had a relationship with Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams, or the hunky Kaiden Alenko in the first game, but then decided to try playing your cards with Tali... Or maybe you decided that you were into some hardcore alien goodness and tried pleasing Grunt? Either way, these decisions aren't the only new things in Mass Effect 3.

Oh come on. Grunt likes things rough.

Yesterday BioWare announced that Mass Effect 3 would also feature optional Kinect support. No, you won't be riding in the SSV Normandy with children shouting "FIST BUMP!" or dancing with Elmo. Instead, you'll be in charge of the well known conversation wheel. Players now have the chance to speak directly to their TV as if they're having an actual conversation through the Kinect's voice recognition system. Not only that, but players can also give commands and lead their squad through the battlefield quickly and effectively. We saw players shout at where they wanted their characters to go and instruct which powers they wanted to use.

For a game already focused on allowing the player create a unique experience, the Kinect support and improved gameplay mechanics should make Mass Effect 3 something to really look out for. Mass Effect 3 comes out on March 6, 2012.

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