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iPhone OS 3.0 Preview

Posted March 20th 2009 by kino.

Apple has issued beta versions of its upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 with assorted SDK, to partners worldwide. New in this release are some much requested features. The most visible from the Home screen is a small search icon, situated left of the page numbers dots. By sliding the page left of the main Home screen, users can now access the new Spotlight application, allowing them to type in search strings that span the entire device for matching songs, videos, or text.

Copy and Paste is another long awaited addition. Double tapping text will bring out a selection box that can be dragged or magnified for a clearer view. Copying/Pasting also works with photos, and even across applications, just like it would under Windows or MacOS.

The iPhone can now finally send and receive MMS, through a reworked Text app, now renamed Messages and sporting a new speech bubble icon. Messages, as well as Mail and Notes now support widescreen keyboards when the device is held on its side, allowing for a larger, more comfy mean of input. Widescreen mode has also been added to other apps, like Contacts and Stock, not unlike the Calc update in OS 2.0.

Voice Memo is the only altogether new application installed by the update. Compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch 2G, the application looks sports a classy vintage look, with a retro microphone and level gauge. Memos can be recorded from the iPhone's internal mic, or any voice enabling attached accessory. They can then be saved, or sent via email.

iPhone OS 3.0 features improved Bluetooth support for iPhone, and unlocks the functionality for the first time for iPod Touch 2G (the first generation Touch being devoid of a Bluetooth chip). Devices will now be able to play local multiplayer games, share data, and even stream music to one another. Stereo Bluetooth headset support is another welcome addition, though not available to first generation iPhones.

The iPhone 3G can finally be connected to a computer as a 3G modem, ideal for full featured 3G Internet surfing from your laptop, anywhere you please. With good 3G coverage and an unlimited data plan, this could be a killer feature to a lot of people.

Many smaller but really well thought-out tweaks are also added by this update: Security improvements to Safari, Support for new international keyboards, Handy iPod Shake to Shuffle to easily randomize playback, Contact sharing, Tweaks to the Application Store and Youtube apps, etc.

The updated SDK is also sounding very promising: Developers finally have the ability to easily push notifications to the Home screen (you hear this, Facebook devs?), access connected Made for iPod accessories, access the Maps API, access the iPod media library, and even directly purchase DLC from the iTunes store without leaving the application.

The 3.0 Software update will be made available sometime this summer for free to iPhone users, while iPod Touch owners will have to fork out the now usual $9.95.

Tags: iPod, iPhone, Apple

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The f*** is up with the fact that touch users have to fork out 10 bucks for a f***ing firmware update?

Friday, March 20th 2009


I understand your anger, but it has always been the case. Us early Touch adopters have been screwed over so many times I stopped counting.

Friday, March 20th 2009



meh. well i won't be upgrading that's for sure.

Friday, March 20th 2009


Took Apple long enough.

Friday, March 20th 2009

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