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Apple Releases Safari 4 Beta

Posted February 24th 2009 by Derrick Lutz.

You can check it out for yourself over at Apple's site, where they have the download and a list of 150 features. Read on for my thoughts about it.

I gave it a quick try, and my first impression is that it's very Chrome-like. Except not as good. The tabs are above the address bar like Chrome, but instead of putting them just below the window title, they are the window title. It really doesn't look right and it's easy to forget they're up there. Speaking of tabs, middle-clicking a tab does not close it. And you can't open a bookmark in a new tab by middle-clicking it. Maybe those guys at Apple don't have middle-mouse-buttons or something.

There are a lot of other features that you've seen in other browsers, and a few that you haven't. The new ones are mostly not useful. Like a Cover Flow for your history and bookmarks. Is that really a good way to browse through a list of pages, as unreadable thumbnails? I don't think so.

It's not all bad, I do appreciate that they made some effort to make the interface fit in with the native Windows theme. Also, during installation they give you the option to not install their Bonjour and Apple Software Update services. Hopefully they do all of those things with iTunes some day.

Sorry Apple, still no reason to stop using Firefox.


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I read somewhere that they said it was 30 times faster than IE7. Now I have no love for IE7, it's a pain in the ass, but I never found it particularly slow. Safari must be blazingly quick if that's true.

Wednesday, February 25th 2009



I think they're talking about the javascript engine. Which I guess is nice for the future allowing more complicated javascript stuff, but I doubt anyone can tell the difference now.

Wednesday, February 25th 2009


I don't know why Apple has such a hard on for Cover Flow. It's shit.

Wednesday, February 25th 2009

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